HOA Management Services

HOAs are governing bodies found within common-interest communities, such as planned or gated neighborhoods and apartment or condominium buildings. Though Homeowner Associations are run and funded by residents and have a Board of Directors, Frontier helps to manage a variety of services for those living in an HOA community. We specialize in assisting troubled HOA’s and are well versed in navigating prior management mistakes, legal or financially troubled HOA’s, or newly created HOA’s.

In the complex world of HOA management, it’s best to only use the best which is why so many HOA boards have turned to Frontier!

The following are HOA services that we offer and are included in our base monthly pricing:

Services We Offer

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  • Receive and schedule maintenance issues through contracted vendors

  • Source vendors to find most cost-efficient services available

  • Receive minimum of two estimates for maintenance/repairs over $500 and forward to board for approval

  • Follow up with homeowners to ensure maintenance/repairs are completed in a timely manner

  • Pay invoices for work on behalf HOA

  • Negotiate large contracts such as landscaping, roofing, pool maintenance, etc.

  • Answer after-hours maintenance emergency line

  • Ensure HOA compliance and maintain violation reports

Accounting/Financial Reporting

  • Send monthly owner statement and reports outlining income received, expenses, and any other reports requested

  • Receive and pay invoices for utilities

  • Provide end of year reports for tax filing purposes (YTD income statements, 1099’s, etc.) and assist with tax prep.

  • Disburse net income received to HOA on a monthly basis

  • Maintain separate HOA specific Trust and Reserve bank accounts and provide monthly reconciliations reports

Staffing / General Service

  • Staffing common areas or clubhouses as directed by the Board
  • Management of any on-site personnel
  • Provide any relevant documentation to attorney’s or insurance providers as necessary
  • Attend monthly board meetings and help with annual agendas 

Additional Services

The following are additional HOA Management Services that Frontier Management can provide based upon negotiated fees:

Content Creation / General Services

  • Content creation outside general administrative duties such as website creation, creating monthly newsletter, etc.

  • Transfer fee of $100 will be assessed to the HOA for collection and documentation of insurance, recording title, signing documentation, and creating new owner accounts through our property management software.

  • Representation at court hearings and other legal matters involving homeowners will be billed at an hourly rate.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help manage your HOA or for a free pricing proposal!